About me

I am a research fellow in the Extreme Robotics Lab and the National Centre for Nuclear Robotics (NCNR) at the University of Birmingham, where I lead the human-robot teaming research group. 

My work aims to advance human-robot systems by combining AI, human-robot interaction, and human factors, enabling humans and robots to cooperate efficiently using their complementing capabilities to assist each other during task execution. I am particularly interested in variable autonomy robotic systems with a human-in-the-loop deployed in hazardous or remote environments, keeping humans out of harm’s way. 

I received my PhD from the School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, where I was supervised by Prof. Rustam Stolkin, Prof. Nick Hawes and Prof. Kimron Shapiro. I have been actively involved in teaching, supervising students, and public communication and engagement of robotics. Among others, I was delivering “robotics masterclasses” for the Royal Institution of Great Britain, the flagship organisation for science outreach and education in the UK and leading the Birmingham autonomous robotics club, winning several prizes in international robotics competitions.